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MES 2009 in the News

A simulation such as MES 2009, and especially when it is the first one, gets the attention of the media.

On this page, we collected some reports that covered MES 2009.

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External Links

  • Press Release, City of Konstanz

    Middle East Simulation übertrifft Erwartungen

    Vom 11. bis 14. Juni fand in Konstanz die Middle East Simulation 2009 statt, bei der durch simulierte Friedensverhandlungen den jungen Teilnehmern der Nahostkonflikt und der Friedensprozess der Region näher gebracht werden sollten. (...)

  • Exemplary Ad for MES 2009
    Middle East Simulation 2009 University of Konstanz

    We are very proud to announce the registration for the Middle East Simulation 2009 is now open! (...)

  • Old MES Website, hosted by University of Konstanz

  • MES on Yahoo-Answers

    Middle East Simulation?

    I have been asgined Iraq for my simulation. I basicly take the role of Iraq in a diplomatic meeting between most middle eastern countries and the UN. Each group had to write 2 reslutions to propose, would you guys be able to give me points on what to argue from other groups resultions. (...)

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