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MES 2009 took place June 11th to 14th at the University of Konstanz (Germany)

It was aimed at modeling the intricate reality of the Middle East Conflict. It involved 40 students from all over the world including Israelis and Palestinians who simulated the roles of the regional and global actors involved.

The expertise of scholars, diplomats, and political figures enriched the event. Participants got furthermore the chance to meet and talk with those experts.
Please feel free to browse this site to learn about the premier Middle East Conflict simultation.

MES was supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation, Fazit Foundation, the Faculty of Politics and Management and the Equal Opportunity office of University of Konstanz.

The following pages are left as they were published before, during and after the simulation. This website is meant to preserve the results and the simulation.

(MES Team, July 2017)

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